Live Events - Festivals, Concerts, Plays and Musicals

Audio Inc provides live event production services including sound, lighting and staging for festivals, performing arts centers, sporting arenas, theaters, houses-of-worship, schools and universities. We are here to help you present your best, whether you need production or crew services for a headline arena concert, a high school musical, or a street festival.

We bring a versatility that allows us to welcome clients of every variety producing events from intimate recitals to large-scale undertakings. We design each system to order, creating the right package – and peak performance – for every situation. Our extensive inventory ranges from small, party-sized music systems to full-stack PAs, and everything in between.

Multi-Stage Events & Festivals

We proudly equip pro audio systems for all types of events, venues and productions. Audio Inc’s reputation ensures expertise, professional equipment and specialized support for musical, theatrical and multimedia events.

Scalable Systems

Audio Inc specializes in situations that call for big sound on a fixed budget. We tailor each package to order while ensuring the best fit for all needs. We are there to help you present your best no matter the size of the event.

Production Management

Our in-house team and network of professional technicians, programmers, acousticians and production managers will guide and support you through any technical demands your client may need.

Engineers, Techs & Stagehands

We know how to run a show! Audio Inc. has a network of experienced and professional engineers that will deliver a flawless show and on time. We also provide over hire staffing when you already have the gear and just need people to run it.

Live Recording & Playback

With our mobile recording packages, Audio Inc can multi-track record your live performance, providing you with a full session file in a format compatible with any industry-standard studio setting. Recording in this multi-track fashion gives you the post-show flexibility for overdubbing, additions, editing, mastering, and more. Our services include in-ear playback, live track playback, mobile/live recording, cue design, basic sound cue editing, and live cue playback.