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At our office/warehouse space in Roselle Park, New Jersey we have constructed three rehearsal rooms ideal for band, dance, acting or whatever you need space for.
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One of our rehearsal rooms has a control room attached. This studio features a Trident Series 80 console with a choice of ProTools, Radar or Studer A800 recorders. This fully combines the digital and analog worlds with equipment that are the flagships of either discipline.

With our mobile recording packages we can easily multi-track your live show and bring it back to the studio to overdub, add to and master your recording. Our control room calibration assures you that what you hear is what is being recorded making us the ideal space to finish and master your home studio recordings.
  • Spacious Isolation Booth
  • Large Main Room (over 25' x 22')
  • Flexible Hours & Rates
  • Design Your Own Package
  • Facilities Available With or Without Additional Services
  • Engineers & Technicians Available
  • Mixdown Services Available
  • Rate: Determined Per Package and Per Need. Base rates available upon request.
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